Inspiring tequila lovers to celebrate Cinco de Mayo all day with James Van Der Beek

The Project

A tequila-fied workout plan for Cinco De Mayo

In 2018, Cinco De Mayo fell on a Saturday. An all day celebration like this doesn’t happen again for another 11 years. We worked with Cuervo to develop and launch Cincocise, a faux workout plan that prepares consumers to celebrate Cinco all day and night. Starring James Van Der Beek, Cincocise came to life in a series of commercial spots, cocktail recipes, social content, and a microsite.

Commercial Spots

At the core of the campaign are four Cincocise commercial spots that we developed and produced. Starring James Van Der Beek as an intense fitness trainer with a burning passion for Cinco De Mayo, the spots focus on three target areas to guarantee a successful all-day celebration: nourishment, hydration, and endurance.

Cinco Celebration Recipes

We developed a suite of cocktail recipes, featuring ingredients inspired by popular fitness trends. The cocktails link to the Cincocise pillars: a Coconut Water Margarita for “Hydration,” the “Nourishment” of a Bloody Maria of Champions (complete with a quesadilla garnish), and Cuervo Cold Brew for “Endurance.”


It all comes together in a microsite aimed at preparing consumers for this once in a decade, all-day affair. The microsite also featured an outtake reel easter egg, with bloopers and alternate takes from the commercial spots.