Verizon Wireless

A diverse range of digital and print materials, from trade show displays to jumbo-tron ready videos.

We’ve partnered with this top-tier telecom for a variety of projects including new retail store concepts, digital experiences, trade show banners, digital signage, and more.

This case study page merely scratches the surface of what we've done with Verizon Wireless, a partnership that has resulted in the creation of a wealth of digital and physical marketing materials. One piece that we're particularly proud of is the Staples Center WiFi experience. We concepted, designed, and developed a digital experience that gives smartphone owners on competitive platforms the opportunity to experience the blazing feeds of Verizon WiFi in the Staples Center in exchange for a few bits of personal information. After filling out a form, the user is presented with a :15 second video spot, which we created by combining hi-energy sports and entertainment footage with dynamic animation and sound. The experience culminates with a page showcasing the latest marketing offers that can be quickly swapped in and out as needed thanks to the CMS we’ve built it on.

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