Jose Cuervo

A new digital platform, branded content, and unique experiences for the world’s oldest tequila. features a home for influencer content, a space for unique recipes and a CMS platform allowing for content production on the fly. Our ongoing relationship with Cuervo continues to evolve as we shape the brand and create original content for their digital and social needs.

Legend has it the first margarita was made with Jose Cuervo. It was the brand of choice when the ‘tequila sunrise’ became wildly popular. Despite its long lasting status as a household name, the brand’s digital presence wasn’t up to par.

We built Cuervo a new digital platform from the ground up, complete with a new content hub, “Cuervo Stories”, that features influencer content and unique drink recipes. The platform serves as a central location for the brand’s ever changing marketing initiatives, with a CMS that makes it easy and intuitive to build a new home for new campaigns. Our collaboration has continued beyond the launch of the new As part of the Cuervo Rolling Stones JFK initiative, we developed a native application to provide a Cuervo experience on six iPads that were a part of the installation.

The Results

High functioning storytelling platform + influencer content + recipes = a new digital presence

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